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NitroCV is a program designed to help you prepare and distribute your CV. It allows you to create your resume, publish it on the Internet, send it by email, use templates when creating the CV, save an unlimited amount of resumes, etc.

Nitre CV requires you to create a new CV to start. Once that is done, you enter the data that you think is expedient to have in your CV based off of the norms that the program has predefined. Next, all you have to do is select a template you like and create the resume. Once you have created the CV, all you have to do is click the publish button to have your own webpage on the Internet with your CV. It works instantly and can be updated. You also have the ability to send your resume directly from the NitroCV program (which requires configuration settings for your email).

The NitroCV templates can vary and/or you can create new ones. All you have to do take a look at the source code for the template to see how it works. Make your template and send it us, and soon we'll have a section for available templates.

NitroCV comes with a database so you can have an limitless number of resumes.
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